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About Counselling

If you have never considered counselling before, you may be wondering what to expect and what exactly counselling is. Working with a counsellor offers the opportunity to work through your concerns with a supportive other. Together we can explore areas of your life in which you might be feeling stuck or where you aren't getting as much pleasure as you once did and we can do this at a pace to suit you.

You may have a sense already of what is troubling you. Poor health, relationship problems, bereavement, anxiety, a difficult past, addiction: all of these and many more human experiences can be addressed in the therapy room. Alternatively, you may not be able to pin point the source of your discomfort, but have general feelings of dissatisfaction and know that life isn't how you'd like it to be. Working through such feelings in therapy can be useful, allowing you to experience more joy and reconnect with things that bring meaning to your life.

Clients who work with a therapist or counsellor often experience
- an improved ability to set boundaries
- stress relief
- increased assertiveness
- regained emotional balance
- better relationships
- greater self confidence
- reduced anxiety
- trauma resolution
- greater knowledge of self

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